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The Dancer's Place, Dancing Instruction, Davenport, IA

Welcome to our dance studio!

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We are excited to announce our Summer Dancer of the Month; Grace Paulsen!

Grace started dancing in 2018! She took Tumble Tots her first season and Combo during the summer session.  Grace is taking Tumbling again this fall!

 Grace is a great listener, takes corrections well, and has a positive attitude.  She is kind to others.  She works hard and improves each week. Grace always comes to class with the appropriate apparel and is also polite and respectful.  

We are proud members of:

Grace is 3 years old and will be attending PreSchool in the fall.  She loves to watch Barbie, play with her brother, and play dress up.  Gracie loves dance and calls herself “Gracie Ballerina”! She also makes her whole family learn the dances, with her as the teacher.

Congratulations Grace! We are all so proud of you!

Dancer of the Month

Fall Classes Begin August 12th

River Bandits PreGame Performance August 31st

No Classes on Labor Day September 2nd

QCDN Fall Workshop Sunday, September 15th

6632 Northwest Blvd.

Davenport IA 52806


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Click here to view our recital pictures from 2018. For more pictures from our daily class rooms take a look at our facebook page. We like to keep classes interesting with fun events through out the year.

Welcome to TDP

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We would like to welcome you to The Dancer's Place (TDP)!  Whether you are already part of our dance family, or looking to join our family, we welcome you and look forward to a great dance season with you all!

The Dancer's Place is proud to be starting it's 11th dance season this fall!

Our mission at TDP is to instill a love of dance, while building self-esteem and confidence in every child.  Helping them to become independent for whatever their future brings them. All while teaching proper technique, teamwork, and commitment.

The love of dance not only provides discipline, self-control, and confidence, but also the ability to achieve the personal goals that each child has. We want them to dance to the best of their ability and utilize the lessons they learn here in other aspects of their lives

TDP is proud to offer classes for all dancers’ interests and abilities.  We have recreational classes, private lessons, music lessons, and competition classes.

At TDP, we will always put the children first.  We use appropriate music, choreography, and costuming for all of our dancers.  

We strive to maintain small class sizes for all levels, for the learning benefit of all students.

Contact us today to find the perfect class for your dancer!